Franco-Americana Colonia (Modern Restrike)


Country United States
Territory / Region New York
Name Franco-Americana Colonia (Modern Restrike)
Implied Value ns
Token Type Merchant & Trade
Weight ns
Size / Diameter 33 mm
Composition Silver
AU / AG Content ns
Edge Reeded
Quantity ns
Obverse Crowned, veiled female head left, FRANCO-AMERICANA COLONIA around, CASTORLAND / 1796 in exergue. DUV
Reverse Standing female Sybele tapping maple tree, beaver below; SALVE MAGNA PARENS FRUGUM around.
Issued by Paris Mint
Issue Location Castorland
Series Name Early American
Description In August 1792, French settlers under Pierre Chassanis of Paris organized as the Castorland Company, settled at Castorville and also at what now is Carthage, N.Y. ... Restrikes of original dies and the restrikes of replica dies have been made at the Paris Mint for nearly 200 years...