Hungary 2 Krajczar 1874


Country Hungary
Year 1874-10-01
Name Hungary 2 Krajczar 1874
Denomination 2 Krajczar
Type of Issue: Definitive
Theme Crown of St. Stephen surmounting an envelope
Size / Diameter 22 x 26 mm
Color violet
Watermark Unwatermarked
Variations see color, perforation
Designer Janos L. L'Hiver
Printing Method engraved
Printed by: Hungarian Royal State Printing House
Perforation type: Perforated
Perforation size: Perf. 11 1/2
Tagging n/a
Series Name "Krajczaros" stamps of 1874-1899
Description Design: Crown of St. Stephen, surmounting an envelope and a post horn, enclosed in a wreath, with light corners. Although the official date of issue is October 1, 1874, stamps were placed in general use on January 1, 1875. The stamps were printed in the Hungarian Royal State Printing House (Magyar Királyi Államnyomda) which in 1901 was renamed State Printing House (Állami Nyomda).