Romania / Moldavia - Walachia 3 Par 1862


Country Romania
Territory / Region Moldavia-Walachia
Year 1862
Name Romania / Moldavia - Walachia 3 Par 1862
Denomination 3 Parale
Type of Issue: Definitive
Theme Coat of Arms
Size / Diameter 20 x 21 mm
Color yellow
Watermark n/a
Variations see color
Printing Method hand stamped
Printed by: hand stamped in Bucharest, Romania
Perforation type: Imperforate
Tagging n/a
Series Name Moldavian Bull's Heads
Description The Moldavian Bull's Heads (Romanian: capul de bour) are the first Romanian postage stamps. This 6 Para is part of the third series of Romanian stamps, issued under the auspices of the United Principalities, was valid between May 1, 1862 and December 31, 1864. Features the bull's head as well as the Wallachian vulture, it was replaced PORTO from the previous series with FRANCO, and use only Latin letters. It appeared in values of 3, 6 and 30 para, in two series (1862 and 1864)