Belgium 1 Flanders 1361, Louis II


Country Belgium
Territory / Region Flanders
Face Value 1 Flanders
Name Belgium 1 Flanders 1361, Louis II
Issue Year / Date: 1361
Production Type Hammered
Weight 4.17 g
Size / Diameter 31 mm
Composition Gold
Obverse Count bearing sword standing, FLΛnDRЄS in exergue. Legend: L-VDOVIC´o DЄI G' o COM Ƶo|DnS:FLANDRI Є
Reverse Cross fleurée with lion rampant in centre and F-L-Λ-D in angles. Legend: + BЄИЄDICTVS: QVI: VЄИIT: I
Description Louis II of Flanders (25 October 1330, Male – 30 January 1384, Lille), also known as Louis of Male, a member of the House of Dampierre, was Count of Flanders, Nevers and Rethel from 1346 as well as Count of Artois and Burgundy from 1382 until his death.